Monday, May 25, 2009

Pitching to the Tesseract folks

We had a group meeting today to present our feasibility findings and project plans, and it went quite well. It seems that Steve thinks that Anita Sarma and the other developers for Tesseract would be amenable to letting us use vast swaths of their code as a backend for our social network project, which would simplify our project immensely.

Tesseract does all the data harvesting and analysis we want to do, but presents the data in a complex, freestanding web app. We'd work on tweaking the analysis portion to work well with the data the Hadley Centre keeps (if neccesary), getting it to run as an unattended part of the project management/repository back end, and pushing the congruence data it generates to extremely simple views within the project's Trac site.

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